Residences of 1425 Suite Living Room

Our application and assessment process for all programs is thorough. A preliminary telephone discussion is conducted by the Executive Director and/or Program Manager prior to the booking of a tour. Interested families are invited for an initial tour and meeting, with or without their family member, according to their decision.

The Residences of 1425 Bayview, 1425 Bayview Ave, 1425 Bayview Toronto

The completed application form is designed to inform us about the prospective resident’s strengths, interests and challenges and enable our staff to ensure that the prospective resident can participate in our Pre-Residential Assessment Day Program safely and with an appropriate level of support.

Leaside Toronto, Toronto mid-town, Bayview Toronto

The Pre-Residential Assessment Day Program stage

The prospective resident attends our day program for a minimum of 3 days per week for a period of 3-4 weeks, while continuing to live off site. This allows the applicant and their family to become comfortable with 1425 Bayview, its staff and other residents and begin to decide whether he/she is comfortable moving on site for a period of trial residence. This period allows our staff to determine whether they can support the applicants needs safely and effectively and whether the prospective resident can enjoy and benefit from our program.

The Get to Know Us stage

The applicant lives in our furnished suite for a minimum period of 2 months joining us for meals and some programming.  During this period, both 1425 Bayview and the prospective resident and their care team work together to decide whether they would enjoy living at 1425 and to what extent our programs can support the applicant’s journey toward wellness and independent living.  At the end of the period of trial residence, the prospective tenant and the Residences of 1425 Bayview can decide whether the applicant can move into his or her own suite and begin the Residence Program.

Visit Us

To arrange a tour, please contact our Program Manager or Executive Director. We would be happy to organize an opportunity for you to come visit.