Pre-Residential Assessment Day Program

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Our Pre-Residential Assessment Day Program

We welcome interest from those who would like to participate in our creative Pre-Residential Assessment Day Program which can be flexible to the interests and availability of a participant. This may include taking part in our Living through the Arts Program, yoga, fitness, one-on-one cooking and the occasional special outing. Our Pre-Residential Assessment Day Program is an essential step for those interested in becoming a resident and it offers a wealth of learning opportunities for everyone.


Achievement in learning new skills and participating in educational workshops play an important role.
Music classes include lessons in drumming, vocal, instrumental, movement and other musical forms.
Learning how to make healthy snacks and meals. Nutrition is the core of our mental wellness approach.
Art classes encompass myriad forms of expression including visual arts, photography, media arts.
Participation in volunteer based events and projects create a sense of self worth through the act of giving.
We go for walks, do light yoga, Tai Chi and fun cardio to keep our minds healthy and our bodies moving and active.
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