1425 Bayview, emotional and mental wellness, independent living
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Independent living in a community environment

We foster fulfilling lifestyles for our residents by creating a balance of support and engagement as well as providing tools for independent living.

Our Apartments Feature:

  • Kitchen with great counter space for prep work, a microwave and full-sized fridge. Suites are outfitted based on your needs and care requirements. Some may include stoves.
  • Large windows with window coverings
  • Spacious sitting room
  • Large bedroom with a double door closet and access to the bathroom
  • Full-size bathroom
  • In-suite laundry, complete with a compact washer and dryer
  • Wireless internet and cable television are available for an additional fee
  • Residents and family can personalize the apartment to individual tastes

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1425 Bayview is a unique, multi-use building with integrated community living within to create a dynamic living environment. The first floor is designed for our residents and Pre-Residential Assessment Day Program participants to enjoy and offers bright and airy social spaces, a craft room, large kitchen and family style dining area.  The second floor has spacious suites for our enhanced residents as well as our Program Manager.

Tenants from the community reside in apartments on the third and fourth floors with prospective tenants undergoing advanced screening and an interview process to ensure they are comfortable in a community setting and share our vision. These tenants volunteer with us, join in family style meals and participate in special events.

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Application for Download

Designed for ease of use, our downloadable application form will help start the process of creating a fulfilling and independent life.