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Our Stories

The Residences of 1425 Bayview is quite literally the God sent answer to my prayers!  Knowing that our son is in a safe, attentive and nurturing environment allows us to feel so at ease.  We are forever grateful that he is surrounded by such a truly compassionate, caring and understanding staff.  We are so proud to watch him grow in confidence and independence, while being involved in group activities with peers.  We appreciate that his days are structured in a fulfilling manner.  Most of all we could not ask for more than the fact that our son is at peace and can sincerely call this residence his home.  Thank you to the staff for all that you do on a daily basis not only for our son, but for all.
Bayview has given me an opportunity to rebuild my relationships and my physical and emotional health while becoming more independent.  Staff will work as hard as possible to help you reach your potential even when you feel that maybe you can’t get there.  Bayview’s program has the ability to grow with your needs and customize as needed for each resident’s unique goals.

They also provide comfort and reassurance to my parents and family.

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