Residences of 1425 Bayview staff, professional staff, supportive staff

At 1425 Bayview we support each resident to achieve their potential. Our staff encourages residents to engage and be comfortable with each other. They are mindful that while this is communal living, this is the resident’s home and while they don’t have to be friends with everyone, they are encouraged to engage, be comfortable with each other and expected to always be respectful.

A passion for people, a compassionate nature and sense of humour are hallmarks of our skilled and dedicated team of professional staff. We are experienced in medication management, monitoring, crisis intervention, counselling, care coordination, and nutrition.

Negative symptoms, lethargy, lack of insight along with difficulty of motivation are some of the side effects of the illness and the required medications.  In order to be successful our staff must motivate, engage, encourage, cheerlead, facilitate, assist, counsel, empower and provide structure and consistency.  This is where we excel.

Residences of 1425 Bayview staff, professional staff, supportive staff
We’re very blessed here at 1425 Bayview. The program is very well-organized and has been carefully arranged to help each of us, individually and collectively, as best it can. I’m just a day-program participant, not a Resident, but I’ve benefited a lot from being here for a short time. The care the staff pay to helping me through the structured and organized activities has really done a lot to improve my mental health. They are all lovely people who make a meaningful contribution to my wellbeing.”

  • Noah, Day Program participant

We celebrate the small successes.  All members of the care team are pragmatic while emphasizing the resident’s strengths. To be happy and fulfilled, staff and family encourage the residents to be as self-aware as possible and assist them to advocate for themselves. It important for them to know that they can expect the same advocacy from their circle of care.

Residences staff work with the family to help them see the resident where they are in their journey.  We work hard to weave a tight circle of care which consists of the family, the resident, Program Manager, Executive Director and the care team of psychiatrists and other professionals.

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