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In 2003 we were searching for an apartment for our daughter, Kate. Like most young people, Kate wanted her own place but we wanted her to be safe, to live in a home, to eat proper meals, and to enjoy  the companionship of other young people as well as the support of empathetic neighbours and insightful caregivers. We envisioned sun filled apartments  in a safe and established  neighbourhood, close to parks, trees and amenities. We wanted large communal spaces with cheerful and bright colours where Kate and other young people with similar challenges could socialize, enjoy home cooked meals together and learn new skills through a variety of creative and well-designed programs.

We couldn’t find any place like this, so we decided to build it ourselves. Not only for Kate, but for other young people like her, longing to make their own life in their own home. And for their loving families, anxiously searching, like us, for the right place with the right qualities.

We found the site at 1425 Bayview, demolished the old industrial building on it and designed and built 1425 Bayview, exactly as we envisioned. It opened in 2006 and for nearly 10 years has continuously welcomed many young people through its doors, both as residents and Pre-Residential Assessment Day Program participants. Although run as a business like any other, our goal has never been about making a profit. The return on our investment has, and always will be, getting to know all the young people who come to 1425 Bayview and its programs, watching them grow  and blossom, becoming more independent every day, learning new skills, some taking jobs and moving on to live independently, and others enjoying their life in their community, with stability, engagement and dignity.

This is our greatest joy and why the Residences of 1425 Bayview is unique.

The founders remain deeply committed to the organization and continue to be involved on an almost daily basis. 

Discover the difference that 1425 Bayview can make on your life. Through a strong vision, mission and core values, we aim to reach the highest level of care and support.

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Each member of our team brings a unique set of skills and are experienced in medication management, monitoring, crisis intervention, counselling, care coordination, and nutrition.

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Residents and Pre-Residential Assessment Day Program participants weave together a beautiful account of their time at 1425 Bayview, sharing activities and excursions.

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